Comparison Between Smartphone And Smartphones

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I am a computer science major and in my career, we must be up to date with new technology that’s coming on the market. Also, I am minor in economics, where we learn how market economy work and that help us to decide the price of a product and the quantity of a product sold in the market. When I started to look, and gather information on population and quantities for check point one, all I found was male, female and height and inches as quantities. But, then I thought no one every might do these two populations. iPhone and Samsung. When it comes to smartphones, people make a choice which smartphones are suitable for them and, sometimes people look at which phones gives more feature. My purpose of selecting these two population to show how many people spend money on this smartphone every year. For this project the data were collected random from Facebook and, this data was organized into a real hypothesis test of μ1 - μ2 ≠ 0. This means that Group one which is the iPhone will not equal to Group 2 which is Samsung because the tested result show that the price of the iPhone is lower than Samsung and, Samsung has two outliers. The sample difference in hypothesis test results show…show more content…
Also, when I calculated the distribution of the data shows that iPhone users have a lower cost to Samsung Users because the differences between two users are cost and gigabytes. Although, both phones have different price, even with having same gigabytes, but, the function of the phone is very different because one is Android and another one is

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