Comparison Between Netflix And Netflix

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Netflix is the world’s leading internet television network with over 69 million international subscribers. Recent studies show that Netflix is “soaring on subscriber growth” (Gensler). Despite its recent small price increase from $8.99 to $9.99 in October of 2015, Netflix subscriber growth still surpasses its own forecast (Snider). According to Statista, an informative and accurate statistics website with clients such as Google and ESPN; in 2015, Netflix has grown from 62.3 million subscribers in Quarter 1 which goes from January 1st to March 21st, to 65.6 million subscribers in Quarter 2, April 1st to June 30th and 69.1 million subscribers in Quarter 3, July 1st to September 30th. Compare these numbers to the 20 million subscribers back in…show more content…
Why not Hulu or other providers? Hulu may get TV shows the day after they air but Netflix has significantly more shows and movies in general. Both Hulu and Netflix work on mobile devices, game consoles and link to social networks. Thor Jensen, author of the article Netflix vs. Hulu Plus states that “with the correct hardware, Netflix offers the best experience in streaming.” Netflix also has little to no ads, while Hulu depends on them. Offering ad free streaming has proven to be quite a leg up in the competition in terms of allowing subscribers to enjoy their favorite shows almost instantly. When compared to cable, Netflix has more recent movies and shows. It is convenient and easy to stream, one could watch it on their phone or laptop on the go. As compared to only a few years ago when consumers would have to drive to the nearest location to pick up the movie and return it within the time it is…show more content…
Devices that come pre-programmed with the streaming service are more convenient and result in easier access, for example, Netflix is already set up on the X-Box console and some TV’s. The public is also intrigued by the streaming service provider because of confidence in their own product. The first month of every subscription is free. If at any reason a subscriber is dissatisfied, they can cancel any time and their credit card won’t be
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