Comparison Between Lady Macbeth and Empress Wu Ze Tian

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Comparison Between Lady Macbeth and Empress Wu Ze Tian

Both Lady Macbeth and Wu Ze Tian were very heartless woman. Lady

Macbeth was heartless in a sense that she was willing to forsake her

child in return of being a queen. She told Macbeth “…plucked my nipple

from his boneless gums, and dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as

you…” She would do whatever it takes to be a queen.

Similar to Lady Macbeth, Wu Ze Tian was also a heartless woman. She

framed the empress in killing her child when in fact; she was the one

who killed the poor child. Her hideous act had made her the empress

when the emperor decided to replace the empress’s status with Wu Ze

Tian. The emperor had believed her story and thought that the empress

had killed Wu Ze Tian’s child.

Also, they were similar in a way that they loved power too much. Their

quench for power were similarly great and they would do their very

best just to be the queen. In Lady Macbeth’s case, she killed King

Duncan so that her husband, Macbeth, could be the king, and she

herself, the queen. Her hunger for power made her do everything that

was possible to make her the queen. When her husband refused to kill

King Duncan, she talked her husband into doing the deed. “Was the hope

drunk? …are u afraid? …live a coward in thine own esteem.” She scolded

Macbeth a coward and that indeed, made Macbeth killed King Duncan.

Wu Ze Tian was also a person who craved for power. She had even

strangled her own child to death in order to be the queen. Her motive

was to frame the empress and made the emperor believed her because no

mother in the world would bear to kill their own child. Eventually,

the empress was banished and Wu Ze Tian became the empress. However,

she was not contented to be just a queen. She wanted to control the

country. She wanted to be the emperor. When the emperor died, she made
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