Comparison Between Football And American Football

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Football too many Americans is the sport in which an oval shaped ball is thrown to another person in order to score a touchdown. But if you ask anywhere else in the world what football is, they might responded that it is the world’s best sport, and that there home team or favorite team is the best there is. Both sports share a name but other than that they are both two very different beings.
Both sports have some kind of governing body that regulates and upholds rules that are set in place. Football has the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) and American football has the NFL (National Football League). The FIFA allows the clubs and teams to have the right to do what they want with their own organization. The teams are
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In Football the equipment is fairly small in numbers. All you need is a uniform, shin guards (used to protect from kicks to your shin), football boots or cleats and most important a ball. The lack of equipment is because the sport does not have involve lot of physical hits. In American football you must use shoulder pads, pelvic pads, helmets and cleats. American football uses more equipment people of the nature of the sport is more physically violate. There is more harm that can be done without the equipment then with…show more content…
In American Football and in the NFL there are only 32 franchise teams that only compete in the NFL alone. In in those teams they are only around 1700 player that play the sport at a Pro level. And to come up in to those pro teams is very hard or nearly impossible to do. And for players there are not many camps that bring up or make player for the game. In Football there are thousands of franchise teams that are play at pro levels. And there are roughly 300 million players that play the sport in a pro level. And many originations that are started by those teams and clubs to promote and help out with players who want to jump their pro

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