Comparison: Absolut, Grey Goose, & Skyy Vodka

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Product Differentiation – Vodka In 2005, I traveled to Russia. I went with a Russian friend who was excited to show me their homeland. Before going to Russia, I did not drink much Vodka. In fact, during my trip to Russia, I drank more Vodka than I probably had in my entire life. No meal was complete without a toast (or two) with chilled Vodka. Vodka is defined as “alcoholic liquor originally distilled from fermented wheat mash but now also made from a mash of rye, corn, or potatoes (Free Dictionary, 2013). Some people translate Vodka to mean water or water of life. Brands can differentiate their products based upon size, form, performance, features, durability, reliability, ease of repair, design and style (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Three popular Vodka brands consumed in the United States include Absolut, Grey Goose, and Skyy. Each brand employs different tactics to differentiate itself from its competitors. ABSOLUT Absolut established in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith is solely manufactured in Åhus, Sweden, a small town of 10,000 people. According to Absolut (2013), this brand differentiates itself as follows: PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION: 1. Form – Absolut Vodka is delivered in one-liter glass bottles. The Swedish Vodka brand shaped all their bottled in the likeness of an old Swedish medicine bottle (AbsolutAd, 1997). No labels are affixed to the bottle, so as to avoid covering up the product. Each bottle has a medallion of the face of the creator Lars Olsson Smith. 2. Features: Absolut offers seventeen different flavors of Vodka including Absolut Mandarin, Absolut Raspberri, and Absolut Citron (Liquor.Com, 2013). The brand website offers customers numerous recipes for making a variety of cocktails, including free apps for iPhone... ... middle of paper ... Free Dictionary. (2013). Definition of vodka. Retrieved from Grey Goose. (2013). Our craft. Retrieved from Grey Goose. (2013). Our vodkas. Retrieved from Kotler, P., & Keller, K. (2012). Marketing management (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall Liquor.Com. (2013). Absolut Vodka. Retrieved from Liquor.Com. (2013). Grey Goose Vodka. Retrieved from Skyy. (2013). Skyy Vodka. Retrieved from Washington Times. (2012). Grey Goose: The proof of social media. Retrieved from

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