Comparing the Poems Kid, Havisham, The Laboratory and My Last Duchess

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Comparing the Poems Kid, Havisham, The Laboratory and My Last Duchess The poems are all dramatic monologues about aspects of love and the feelings and emotions that evolve from that. Kid is a comical monologue spoken in the voice of Robin, Batman's sidekick. Simon Armitage imagines what would have happened after the story of Batman and Robin's adventures. Robin is bitter towards Batman as he abandoned him, yet he has succeeded out of it and is therefore grateful to Batman. We this in the line, 'now I'm taller, harder, stronger older,' the opposite of what he was before. Havisham is also a monologue about a woman, jilted by her scheming fiancé, she continues to wear her wedding dress and sit amid the remains of the wedding whilst plotting revenge against him. She has varied moods such as embarrassment, vengefulness and sadness and pity. The oxymoron, 'beloved sweetheart bastard' shows the mixed and miscellaneous views of 'wishing him dead' but also crying at the wall for him to return. The line 'some nights better, the lost body over me, my fluent tongue in its mouth in its ear then down till I suddenly bite awake.' This shows she sometimes dreams of her lost lover, but when she awakes the bitterness and hatred returns. My Last Duchess is about the Duke of Ferrara, talking to the go - between arranging his next marriage. He shows the man a painting hidden behind curtains of his previous or 'last' wife. The poem is very conventional as it uses iambic pentameter, rhyming couplets and enjambment. Beneath the surface is a terrible story of ruthless and despotic of the Dukes disapproval of his wife's innocent acts and naivety, who... ... middle of paper ... are reflecting on the idea of not doing as they wish and feeling in futile as they cannot take control and therefore have a possessive and evil side. Both of the main characters seem disturbed as the Duke of Ferrara feels it is necessary to keep his previous wife behind curtains and that he can only say who can see it. In the Laboratory the women begins to imagine poisoning the whole of the court. Both of there reasons for killing are amoral and spontaneous due to insecurity of loved ones or the embarrassment 'to a 900 year old name.' Both the characters are jealous of the relationship there partners have between the other sex and become paranoid and eventually decide on murder to solve the idea. All the poems are about being jilted or abandoned and the way in which the central character deals with that situation.

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