Comparing the Inuits and the North-West People

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Comparing the Inuits and the north-west people

We have been studying the people of the North West and Inuits. In this essay I will describe their differences and explain why they are different. They have a large variety of differences which had a large effect on lifestyles.


The Inuits lives in snow houses known as Igloos. They houses were made out of snow as it was plentiful in the area they lived in. The snow was many metres thick so it was ideal for insulating Igloos; this meant they kept at a comfortable 16°C especially when the females cooked food.

The North-West people lived in large wooden houses. Wood was the ideal building resource as it was easily available from the woodland and forests surrounding them. It was also sturdy and weatherproof so it didn't have to be replaced over and over again.

The reason that the Inuits and north-west people lived in totally different houses is because the environment and habitats of the two different groups were completely contrasted so they had to use what was available to them to build the houses in a way that would be both efficient and practical as it would be pointless to spend days building shelter that you were only going to stay in for a matter of hours.


The Inuits lived in very harsh conditions, often having to survive subzero temperatures. They had long, cold winter and cool summers due to their geographical position on the Earth. There was lots of snowfall each year and some storms meant the Inuits had to stay in their Igloos for days at a time.

For the north-west people the climate was very different from the Inuits as the weather was mild and wet. Although it would rain, the cool temperature was useful as this meant that a lot of vegetation automatic...

... middle of paper ... for the Inuits as survival was difficult because they had to ensure that they had enough time for hunting so that they could gather food and stay alive. Most of their own time was dedicated to collecting food and providing the basic essentials to their families and relatives. Due to this issue the Inuits only had a small amount of spare time which was used to have family gatherings and to talk with friends to find out any new news.

North West People

Life wasn’t easy for the North West people but it was considerably easier than the Inuits’ life. They had no problem about not having a sufficient amount of food as there was lots of it around where they lived. The North West people could also freely enjoy their lives because every aching moment wasn’t given up for hunting so they could host parties, get together and most importantly they had a lot of spare time.

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