Comparing the Criminal Justice Systems of the US, UK and Japan

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The criminal justice systems vary in each country as far as their policies and procedures go. Each aspect of the criminal justice system has its advantages and disadvantages. The main purpose of the criminal justice system is to sanction criminals, mitigate crime, increase security and uphold a fair system of justice. In some cultures, fairness is not always given as certain laws are expected to be honored. This paper will discuss the criminal justice system in the United States, England and Japan.
The criminal justice system in the United States is made up of three parts: the police, the courts and corrections (Drakeford, 2011). Each one of these parts works simultaneously together and the work of one influences the work on another. All three parts of the US system have been influenced and stem from English law. To start, the role of the police in the US criminal justice system consists of the collection of evidence, arresting offenders, giving testimony in court and performing investigations (, 2008). Officers begin by creating a report with all the information they have gathered. An investigation of the crime then begins and the identification of the suspect is underway. Once the suspect is thought to be found, officers can issue a citation for him/her to appear in court. The case will just remain open if there was not enough evidence collected (, 2008). Next is the role of the courts. The courts decisions are made by judges who also are the key factor in determining sentences and plea bargains. Once an offender is convicted, they are either sent to prison or jail. Prisons are typically for high crimes while jail is usually for those who have committed a lesser offense. It is the courts ...

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...approach is often overlooked and could be implemented into other criminal justice systems around the world (Lane, 2004).
The procedures and policies of each of these three countries differ but they still have similarities in certain areas. No government is perfect and most would agree that reform is needed in all of them. In the US and UK criminal justice system, equality is emphasized and most of the time in these systems people are treated equally and fairly. In the Japanese criminal justice system, settling your differences on a personal level is encouraged as harmony among individuals is valued in Japanese culture, however, the Japanese system is viewed as more rigid compared to those in Western cultures. All criminal justice systems vary accordingly around the world but most share one common goal and that is to protect their citizens while controlling crime.
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