Comparing Yoga And Yoga

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Yoga is religion that is a branch of Hinduism. Patanjali is a yogi who helped bring about yoga as it is thought of and practiced today. One of the main goals of practicing yoga is surpassing ignorance in order to reach the true self. The true self, Atman in yoga is the part of each human being that is attached to the Brahman or true reality of the existence. Ignorance is the root of a corrupting forces in yoga. Those ignorance as defined by Patanjali is in believing in false beliefs such as the permanence of an ever changing world, and attachment like craving of self, or ego that makes people cling to an identity that based on the physical body and perishable material objects. Ignorance creates in the world sorrows, and causes people to suffer. At times it even leads people to cling to that…show more content…
Buddhism is monism religion while yoga is dualistic. Both religions believe that freedom from suffering is freedom for the cravings that embody samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. Where they differ is that yoga believes their is an Atman, a Brahman, a true self and ultimate reality that lie beyond material world, while buddhism believes that everything and everyone is composed of the same substance, sometimes referred to as dharmas. Buddhism says by acknowledging and coming to terms with the imperiance of everything, that all things change, that there is no self, anatman can person find Nirvana. Brahman is the ultimate reality, but in buddhism the freedom of suffering, Nirvana is not transcending reality but becoming fully immersed in an interdependent reality, unafraid of the change or death that has come or will follow the present moment of existence. Ignorance in this sense is not disagreed upon between yoga and buddhism just the end result of either aiming to transcend present reality or to sever a person’s perceived independence from the one
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