Comparing Three Pieces of Advertising Texts

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In this essay I will be comparing three pieces of advertising texts. The first advert I will be comparing is called the ‘Protein’ advert. This advert is very informative as well as persuasive. It is designed to inform people, who are trying to become fit, about a product which helps them get into shape easily. It also persuades you to buy the product as it has a free coupon for the product which will make readers read the advertisement and buy the product. The next advert I will be comparing is the ‘bread’ advert. This is also very informative as it describes something very unusual, it talks about something not related to the main product, but it tells us that without photosynthesis, the bread would not be the bread it is today. The last text I will comparing is the ‘looking good’ text. It is an advertisement promoting healthy new products from a new range. It persuades you to try the new range of healthy food. The purpose of the advertisement is to persuade. It is also quite informative. I think all three texts are connected as they all have similar themes. The ‘protein’ and ‘looking good’ texts are both designed for people who are trying to become healthy and change their lifestyle. The ‘protein’ advert is for people who trying to keep a healthy balanced diet and promotes a drink to help their diet whereas the ‘looking good’ advert is for people who want a healthier start to their diet and they can do this by trying the new range from Asda. Both texts are mainly for women because in the ‘protein’ advert there is a picture of a woman and women mainly care about their figure and diet more than men do. The ‘bread’ advert is for a wide variety of age groups and any gender. The target audience is probably for people who eat ... ... middle of paper ... ...ick the techniques used obviously. I think the adverts I chose were not very effective and there were not many techniques used that I couldn’t talk about in my essay. The ‘bread’ advert makes the reader feel involved and that is what I mainly liked about the advert. I also liked the effective picture of the leaf used because of the effect it had on the whole advertisement. The ‘looking good’ advert didn’t look like an advert when you take a first glance at it, but when you actually read the advertising promotion you can tell it is an advert. The ‘protein’ advert was my favourite advert and I think was the best one I picked because of the image, text and typography used. There was a lot of information I could use for my essay and as part of the audience I think it was the most informative and eye catching advert from the three advertising pieces.
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