Comparing Theories of God's Existence

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Comparing Theories of God's Existence

Many different philosophers have their own theory on God's existence. They have their own thoughts of how they believe God is a cause. Such philosophers are Anslem, Spinoza, and Leibniz. .

Anslem is a philosopher who used the ontological way of thinking to explain God's existence. The ontological thought process shows the existence and being of a thing. Anselm's argument is that God is "this being that so truly exists that it cannot be even thought not to exist" (p. 860). The thoughts and ideas that are in your mind correspond to what exists. However, if you think about things that don't exist it is not as good. The things that exist are real and God's creation, and to understand this existance is even better. God is one who always exists and makes existence possible. In Anselm's argument he states God " of all things exist to the highest degree"(p. 860). He is saying God is the supreme being and is treated as a primary idea. In addition, Anslem describes God as " truthful, happy and whatever it is better to be than not to be-for it is better to be just rather than unjust, and happy rather that unhappy"(861). This means that God represents everything that is good and real. However, we cant subject God to our thinking because he is greater than our thinking and stands apart from it. Anselm's ontological argument is how he explains God as a necessary cause.

Spinoza is a modern thinker who explains God as a cause as well. Spinoza is a monist who believes everything is one. Therefore, he believes God is the only substance and existence there is. Spinoza states that "by God I understand a being absolutely infinite, that is, a substance consisting of an inf...

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...s and material. We have simple thoughts about composite things.

Leibniz believes we have sufficient reason to believe the source of everything is God. God's perfection can make all things possible. In addition, all things are a reflection of God and in this sense the Monad is a reflection of God's doing.

Anslem believes that God is the one that makes all things possible, just as Leibniz and Spinoza. Spinoza states God is an independent existence which is the cause of everything. All of the philosophers believe God makes all things possible. Leibniz compares to the other philosophers as well because he believes God is a perfect architect who created the world. Anslem, Spinoza and Leibniz are tied together in the simple sense that they acknowledge Gods perfect being. They believe he is a divine perfect essence who has made existence possible.
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