Comparing The Lost Boys, Dracula and Peter-Pan

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Common threads in The Lost Boys, Dracula and Peter-Pan In The Lost Boys there are similar occurrences and references to both of the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker and Peter Pan, by Sir James Barrie. There are many similarities between the three story lines. In the stories of all three works there is a common thread of story it all started with Dracula. The story of Dracula has many components of it used in the film The Lost Boys. The comparison’s begin with the vampire. Dracula is centered around the main vampire, Dracula. Dracula has many powers and ways he can alter reality. In the novel Bram Stoker's Dracula we see that there is a power struggle. In all of the universe, no one being has complete control over another. In Dracula God, Dracula, Nature, and Humanity have some form of dominance over another, whether it be direct control or as the instrument through which another must exert its power. In this paper we will examine the different ways that control and power are used. Just some of The vampire’s numerous powers are: He can turn humans into the Undead, he is virtually immortal, he has the ability to grow younger by drinking blood, he casts no shadow, he casts no reflection, he has the ability to crawl along walls, he has the ability to control animals, he can control the weather and he also has the power to transform his own shape. Here we can see these powers. Dracula can turn humans into the Undead. An example is the three women whom he has turned into vampires, creatures of the night. Renfield desires to be made into a creature of the night. He views Dracula as his master and seeks only to serve him. Lucy is made into a vampire by Dracula. However, the most memorable person he has given birth t... ... middle of paper ... ...and mayhem. The boys from Peter Pan exhibit the same traits. They are all young and wild. The carnival in The Lost Boys is equivalent to the Neverland in Peter Pan. It has all the things that children want, admire, and adore. Bibliography Primary Sources Stoker, Bram; Dracula, (1897) Barrie, J.M.; Peter Pan, (1911) Schumacher, Joel; The Lost Boys,(1988) Secondary Sources Dunbar, Janet, J. M. Barrie: The Man Behind the Image (1970) Florescu, Radu, and McNally, R. T., Dracula: A Biography of Vlad the Impaler, 1431-1476 (1973) Sorescu, M., Vlad Dracula the Impaler, trans. by D. Deletant (1987). Florescu, Radu R., and McNally, Raymond T., Dracula, Prince of Many Faces: His Life and Times (1989) Green, Roger Lancelyn, J. M. Barrie (1960). McNally, Raymond, and Florescu, Radu, In Search of Dracula (1972; repr. 1994)

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