Comparing The French Revolution and The American Revolution

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The American and French Revolutions took place between 1775 and 1789. Though they were closely related chronologically, the two revolutions were interrelated in several other important ways than just time itself. In the late eighteenth century the ideas of liberty and equalities were beginning to flourish throughout the world, especially in Europe and in America (p.691). Part of this was believed to be due to the Enlightenment, for it changed the ways people thought about life. People were seeking equality and individual freedoms. They wanted equality, but it was an uncertain thing for the liberals argued that all citizens should have identical rights and civil liberties, and nobility should not have special privileges (However they did not believe that women had these rights or that there should be economical equality). It was these thoughts about individual rights and equalities, which fueled the people to create a revolution in both America and Europe (More specifically France). The American Revolution was the beginning of the revolutionary era, and Americans were seen as rebels for causing such an ordeal, that is until they were successful in defeating the British and establishing themselves as an independent country. Then in 1789 France, the leading and most influential country in Europe became the newest revolutionary nation. Both Revolutions were considered to be radical revolutions at the time, but the American Revolution could be considered a conservative and radical revolution, for it was conservative in the fact that the American people were content people, and they were not torn apart by internal conflicts, but it was radical for it separated the country into patriots and loyalists. At the beginning of the Revolution, France was aiding the Americans as neutrals, by sending them supplies such as guns and ammunition. The French were very sympathetic to the revolting Americans, for they were deeply humiliated by England in the Seven Years War (1756-1763), and they wanted to help them defeat England in any way. Since France was such a leading and influential country at this time, after the French began to aide America, other countries, such as Spain and Dutch and Russia, followed their lead and came to the Americans side. The French remained officially neutral until1778, when the French Government offered a formal alliance to the Americans. Even though they were Said to be a neutral alliance, the French were aiding the Americans before they signed the alliance. At first they were sending over gunpowder and guns to aide the Americans, but by 1777 there were French volunteers arriving in Virginia,
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