Comparing Tennis And Golf: Tennis Vs. Golf

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Tennis vs. Golf

I 'm going to compare tennis to golf to reveal the similarities and differences between the two sports. I think you will be surprised how similar they are. They both depend on the swing of your body; grips of your hands, the strike zone of the ball and both are a mental game. Tennis and golf are also very different in many ways. The types of balls used to play the game, materials used to make the balls and equipment used to hit the balls. Tennis is a team sport and an individual sport. But golf is primarily a single player against the golf course. The exertion level differs by sport. Both sports are challenged by weather and attire. I 'm writing this essay because I had played golf for many years before I switched
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One big difference is a type of balls used and what is used to make the balls. For a tennis ball, the "modern tennis balls are made of a hollow rubber core, covered in a wool or nylon shell which is known as the nap. Pressurized air inside the rubber core makes the ball bounce. Balls that haven 't got enough pressure inside make a thud when they hit the floor. These are called dead balls." This information I found on, which also explains a little bit of the history of the tennis ball. In golf, the balls are made up of "many materials used in golf balls but the majority can is broken down into three categories: rubbers, ionomers and urethanes. In the past, golf balls have been made of wood, leather wrapped around feathers, sap from a gutta tree and sap from balata trees." This information is found on which goes further into the making of the golf balls. The tennis ball is two and a half inches (6.35cms) in diameter and weighs two ounces (56.7g). A golf ball is 1.6 ounces (45.93g) and 1.7 inches (42.7mm) in diameter. Even though tennis balls and golf balls are different sizes, they almost weigh the same weight. I find it very interesting that the balls are such different sizes but only a few ounces different in
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