Comparing Pisan's and Plato's Views on the Roles of Women

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Comparing Pisan's and Plato's Views on the Roles of Women It is hardly fair to make a true judgement on whose view of women was more sensible. For one reason Pisan was a women and Plato was a man. It has taken thousand of years for women to accomplish equality towards men now so Pisan's view could be seen as before her time. Although, Pisan's view seems more sensible I can see how Plato's view could also be sensible for his time and place. In Christine De Pisan's The book of the city of ladies, in the beginning she began to examine her own character as a natural women. She looked at women who surround her form the highest a princess to the lowest a lower class woman. She tried to examine the ideas this philosopher had said to be true about women. She began to feed into the idea that it was impossible for such famous men to be wrong about the ideas of women. She came to the conclusion that the God had created a bad creature when he made a woman based upon the works of these men. She completely doubted he r own gender based on the opinions of the famous philosophers. In her story she explains how three women came to her out of pity because of her ignorance. They began to explain that just because these famous philosophers come up with the idea that women are inferior doesn't, not mean that the idea is true. They began to explain that they contradict each other so how could someone possibly rely on the information that they give. They began to further explain that there have been men that have allowed or believed in their daughters to pursue their education. In fact some of them have been so good that they have even been able to teach others. The argument form the foolish men as they called it that it displeased ... ... middle of paper ... ...eas of women they depict. Pisan's view seems to be solely on wether or not a woman is capable of competing with a man mentally. Plato's view is based on whether a woman is capable of being compared to a man physically. Both are sensible arguments. He also believes that woman are better than men in what he believes women are set out to do. Women are capable of being just as smart or even smarter than a man. But as for physical strength there are a select few that are physically capable of competing with a man. But science has proven that men are generally stronger than women. Both arguments are sensible in the areas that they represent women. Bibliography Class Notes Cohen, Mitchell and Nicole Fermon.Princeton Readings in Political thought. Princeton University Press 1996.

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