Comparing My Values In The Nursing Career And My Refleble Future Career

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Everyone has that one nurse that makes your hospital experience good or bad. When going into the nursing field in my opinion, there is always that one nurse that has made an impact on your life even if it is something so small, it helped you decide on your nursing career. I feel like the definition of a good nurse is understanding: someone who can be flexible, someone who has very good patience, and someone who can react with patients in a positive way. I have always had the desire to be a nurse since I was little and this is something I know I can achieve. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast my values as they relate to nursing and my possible future career and my plans. My goals are to someday become a pediatric nurse: I love helping others and working with young children so I feel like this is the field for me. I interviewed a nurse who I have looked up to my whole life. I wanted to become a nurse, but watching her as nurse made me decide I wanted this for myself even more: her RN initials are JSJ.
JSJ has an associate’s degree in nursing and is working towards her bachelor’s degree. She has worked in manage care. Her average work load is twenty patients. She does different things with each patient that includes: taking vital signs of the patients, drawing labs, administrating
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As a nurse I feel like you should be caring which is prompting health, and hope for my patients. I should have integrity, respecting my patients in each situation. I should be able to care for each patient in a different way the way they need to be treated which is Diversity. Most of all I should be a excellence nurse I should have a smile with every patient and strive to be successful every day. When I asked JSJ about her values as a nurse she told me while caring for you patients you should be caring, have integrity and autonomy in decision making, to be a good nurse you must believe in
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