Comparing Ms. Magazine and Playgirl

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Comparing Ms. Magazine and Playgirl I choose to compare Ms. Magazine to Playgirl. The Reason I choose Playgirl was because I wanted to know what was all the interest in the magazine. All my gay male friends loved this magazine more than the gay male magazines. Also some of my girlfriends had mentioned it in a couple conversation. I thought that the magazine Playgirl was aimed towards women, not so, its also aimed towards homosexual men. When I began to read Ms. Magazine I felt this power coming out of the magazine. It was a strong voice that was able to speak and be heard, to back up their facts, and to take on whatever criticism that was to come. Ms. Magazine tackle the issue that were present in the current society. The editor responded to other groups that had written in to the magazine because of a pervious article on post abortion. Apparently Ms. Magazine received tons of letters from anti-choice groups. The editor responded turning it into a positive note saying that we need to create more space for women to feel and be heard. The letter from the editor was short, simple and sweet. Immediately Ms. Magazine embarks upon the issues of the twin towers and how feminist have reflected upon it. The first 38 pages talked a lot about terrorism and how it effected women today. I had a great interest in the article “Demon Lover” ( pg. 18). The article started off explaining how when a women walks, say to her car, and she hears foot steps behind her, her heart rate goes up and she feels fear. I deal with that fear everyday, I thought I was just being silly and weak. Whenever I go somewhere alone or with other girls, I am always aware of my surroundings and of men lurking for prey. When I say prey I mean it in a broad range from men who want a one night stand, to men that want to kill me for the sake of killing. When I walk in a parking my senses are up and if someone begins to walk towards me or behind me I began to fear and think of what could happen. I then squeeze the mace in my hand to reassure myself I do have some protection all though in some cases it may never do me good.

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