Comparing Miami And Miami, Cuba Vs. Miami

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721 words

Cuba vs. Miami Ever wonder why so many people who were born in Cuba move to Miami? People who frequently arrive declare they rather stay living in Miami. Cuba is a diverse country from the rest of the world and it seems to be getting poorer each year. However, Miami is becoming very much alike Cuba in terms of culture and tradition. Although, Miami and Cuba have some similarities, they are very different. The Government in these two places is extremely dissimilar; such as, Cuba has a socialist government. In a socialist government, citizens don’t get the right to decide who will be their president. Cubans cannot choose a state government either; as a result, there isn’t much independence. If the citizens decide to protest against the government …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Compares miami and cuba in terms of culture and tradition. cuba is a diverse country and it seems to be getting poorer each year.
  • Compares the government in cuba and cuba. cubans can't choose a state government, so they're taken to prison and enforced to stop protesting.
  • Explains that miami has a capitalist government, which gives citizens the right to vote for presidents, state governments, and freedom of speech.
  • Explains how the government introduced a system called 'la libreta' (the notebook). the food that families can get is fundamental such as rice, chicken, eggs, etc.
  • Explains that people in miami don't have the 'notebook' system, supermarkets, and vegetation are accessible to everyone regardless of their income.
  • Compares the wages of cuban workers with those in miami, where they get paid more. students are motivated to be successful in a place like miami.
  • Explains that miami and cuba aren't very far apart and are populated by the same class of people. the two countries have different kinds of government, and the motivation to be successful is very different.

In a Capitalist government, citizens have the right to vote for a president, along with having the right to choose a state government. People also have the right to freedom of speech; for instance, they can choose to protest against the government or go on a strike when it comes to their job if the company was to be unjust. In this class of government, means of production of goods or services can be privately owned and operated for a profit. Capitalism has a lot of advantages over socialism; one of them is more …show more content…

Miami also has supermarkets that people can go to and buy what they want, it is not inadequate. Vegetation is also accessible to everyone whether you are lower, middle, or upper class. Those who live in Miami don’t tend to starve; the government has a way to help you in case you don’t have sufficient income for food called food stamps. Unlike Cuba, people who live in Miami have the freedom to buy as much food as they like. When it comes to the economy, employees in Cuba get paid very slight. It does not matter if you are a doctor, an engineer, or teacher, the wage is not enough for a luxury or adequate lifestyle. Recruits also get paid monthly, on the contrary, in Miami some workers can either get paid weekly or every other week. Moreover, in Miami you get paid more; the better your career is, for example, a doctor would get paid more than a police officer or a gardener. Students are more motivated to be successful in a place like Miami than in a place like

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