Comparing Mesopotamia And Egypt

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Throughout the history of the earth, man has gradually evolved from strolling hunters and gatherers into the improved people as we are today. Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures dates back to around 4,000-1000 BCE; therefore, the utmost significant development, I believe, would be the development of two civilizations. The first of these civilizations would be the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians. The civilizations had many similarities but they also had their differences. Egypt developed in relative isolation from the rest of near east while the Mesopotamia was multicultural society opened into welcoming other cultures. Mesopotamia and Egypt was on the banks of major rivers. Mesopotamia resided on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers while Egypt resided…show more content…
As for Egypt the lawgivers were the gods, ruling through the pharaoh. In Egypt the pharaohs were seen as living gods therefore the Egyptians worshipped their pharaohs as gods. In both civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt religion was implanted in the social and personal life of the people. Which they also build temples that they worshipped. Religious laws and duties were crucial to the day-to-day life of the people to their social spot. The Egyptians were obsessed with the idea of afterlife as opposed to Mesopotamians. The Egyptians believed in resurrection of the dead were principal characteristics of religious. They also buried their pharaohs in their own temples including mummifying their dead bodies for example like the Giza Valley Temple the second largest where the entrance and bodies were hidden. Another difference between the Mesopotamia and Egypt was their writing style for example one of the forms Mesopotamia used was cuneiform considering it was worlds first written language, which primarily means, “Wedge shaped”. The Egyptians could have adopted the Mesopotamian alphabet but instead they created hieroglyphic, which were based on pictured symbols that would tell a
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