Comparing Marks And Spencers And Oxfam

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Assignment One Business Environment The two contrasting businesses described in this report will be, Marks&Spencers Public Limited Company (PLC) and Oxfam. Marks & Spencer 's was a start up retailing company founded in 1884. They originally started as a small stall in Kirkgate Market, Leeds however over the years they have successfully expanded as a well known brand and international retailer. Their main purpose is to make as much profit as possible while satisfying their customers with outstanding products. Oxfam was a start up charitable company founded in 1942. They originally started during the Second World War in aim to ensure the supply of relief to civilians and have also successfully expanded as a well known brand and Global Business. Their main purpose is to provide appropriate support and help to those which are in need of their service. Aims, Objectives and Purpose: All set ups will have specific ‘Aims and Objectives’ for their respective businesses. Aims are the broad terms…show more content…
Tall structures have long chains of command (how many levels of hierarchy there is from the shop floor up to the chief executive) and narrow span of control (the number of people that individuals are responsible for in a business). An advantage of having span of control is that theres more chance of earning promotion at your work however their is long lines of communication and messages may be missed. M&S have many different functional areas such as Finance, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales and Human Resources. Functional areas will work in conjunction with each other to get an end result for example the marketing team will work alongside the finance department when creating adverts for M&S. The marketing team will choreograph the advert while the finance team will work a way out to fund the advert therefore it is crucial for departments to work together for efficient and effective

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