Comparing Madonna And Child In A Landscape By Petima Da Conegliano

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On a Sunday afternoon, I can think of no better activity than to stroll around Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) for the afternoon. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who are there for the express purpose of viewing, and hopefully, appreciating art. I have been to LACMA countless times, starting from the time that I was a very young girl, but never before had I gone with a specific assignment to complete - to view LACMA’s collection of Renaissance art in order to compare and contrast pieces in their exhibit to the works of art that we have studied in Humanities class. I will be focusing on Madonna and Child in a Landscape by Cima da Conegliano as well as Portrait of a Man by Petrus Christus and comparing and contrasting them with artists such as Raphael and Jan van Eyck.
Madonna and Child in a Landscape (c. 1496-99) was painted with oil on panel by Giovanni Battista Cima, also known as Cima da Conegliano (Italy, c. 1459-1517). Cima, similar to Raphael, was well known for painting Madonna’s. This painting has a very similar composition to Raphael’s Alba Madonna. Both paintings show the main subjects in the foreground with a landscape in the background, as the landscape in Cima’s shows a village incorporated as well. While Raphael’s piece incorporates a third person (John the Baptist as a small child), in both paintings the subjects appear to create the rough shape of a triangle. Also, in both, the horizon line appears generally in the top third of the piece with a two-point perspective. Raphael’s choice of colors in his piece were more muted and dark, with a subtle play of light and shadows. On the other hand, Cima’s choice of colors were brighter, with a more luminous appearance and a much greater distinc...

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...wledge of linear perspective and some history of the Renaissance era in general. It is an interesting side note that it was not until doing some research on the artists I saw at LACMA days after my visit, did I learn of the relationship between van Eyck and Christus. The fact that I was able to instinctively discern a similarity between the two artists sans prior knowledge indicates that I have gained some comprehension, even if only a small amount, during the course of this class. My love for art has been ever present. Having only viewed and appreciated it for the deep feelings of awe and reverence that it brings up in me, that has always been enough. However, having this experience with just a tiny bit of specific knowledge has made it so much more interesting that I wish to continue gaining knowledge in this area in order to broaden my future experiences.

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