Comparing Lu-Lu, By Joy Williams And Stay By David Schuman

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The short stories “Lu-Lu” by Joy Williams and “Stay” by David Schuman appear somewhat different on the surface; however, in greater depth the two emulate one another more than once. The two stories greatly mirror real-life in regards to the way humans view and treat fellow animals. Both stories present a similar situation, while emphasizing the individual human and animal relationship found within each. Through the acknowledgement of each character and how they acquire the animals, it is evident the animals are influential aspects of the stories and illuminate into everyday life. Although somewhat different, “Lu-Lu” and “Stay” both illustrate the idea that humans hold significant expectations as to the belief that animals can provide positive transformations in life. In both “Lu-Lu” and “Stay,” the story explores the human condition of loneliness and the desire for comfort and…show more content…
In this particular story, Lu-Lu is the ambition and push Heather needs to understand the freedom she already had, but never utilized. For Heather, Lu-Lu was more of a symbol for movement and change. Whereas in “Stay,” the transformation for the narrator solely comes from the amity the dog offers, much like a human. The two became so close the narrator began to use “we” and “us” to describe the dog and himself (Schuman 107). The pressure and significance he places on the relationship to his dog is nothing new, many humans project their problems and emotions onto animals in hopes that they will help as if it is another person. It seems that rather than physically helping the humans with their issues, the animals’ lack of understanding helps distract humans from the problems. However, the dog ultimately helps him feel a strong relationship and the “…reprieve…” of having Deli around longer makes the narrator thankful he has his friend around to “…do everything exactly the same” (Schuman

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