Comparing Lamb to the Slaughter and the Speckled Band

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Comparing Lamb to the Slaughter and the Speckled Band

In this essay i am going to compare two short stories, and see if they

are traditional murder mystery stories. I want to see if the stories

also follow the conventions of a murder mystery story. One story is

called 'Lamb to the Slaughter' and the other is 'The Speckled Band'.

The story 'Lamb to the Slaughter' ('LTS') was written in 1954, which

is over sixty years ago. 'The Speckled Band' ('TSB') was written in

1892. Roald Dahl wrote the story 'LTS'. This story does not follow the

conventions of a murder mystery story. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 'TSB'.

This is a murder mystery story. It follows the basic conventions of

murder mysteries. I will try to show the differences between the two

stories, and show how the stories have different genres.

Genre is a type. Geenre is a french word which means Type. Many things

have genres. Things we use to entertain ourselfs with, or pass time

with, have a genre. For example, films, music, books, games and many

other things have genres. Genre is important because it lets people

know what they are doing. If someone is watching a film they would wnt

to know what genre it is. It could be a horror,thriller, comedy or

anything else. So this helps them to know what type of film they are

watching, but it would not give away any part of the film. Genre is

useful for writers, film makers or artists. They would know what area

to target, and they can make money.

I am trying to find out if these two stories, 'LTS' and 'TSB', are

murder mysery stories. Murder mysteries have conventions. They are

basic requirments and these are:

-The Detective is the main focus

-The reader/viewer (if a film) is set a challenge or challanges

-Usually set ater the murder

-Gradually builds tention

-Denoment (crime is solved) Ending

-Then ending has a moral

Every murder mystery has a basic story line and must have most of the

conventions to fit the genre.

In 'LTS' Mrs Maloney is portrayed as a normal wife. She is not

presented as a murderer. At the beginning of the story it said she

"...glance up at the clock" and

"...was waiting for her husband."

When he came back home she

"Took his coat."

She then

"Walked over and made the drinks."

This is what any normal wife would do. She then asked,

"Shall i get your slippers?"

and she wanted to make him some dinner. She appears as though she is a

loving caring wife. She does not look like a suspect for any type of
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