Comparing Individuals In Organizations at Green River vs. Aberdeen

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In this Individual Project we will raise the discussion about Management Ability, Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Ethics while engaging in the differences that exist between FMC Green River and Aberdeen. We will try to see if what operations are at FMC Aberdeen will and can be incorporated at FMC Green River. The next discussion of areas is can these operations work at FMC Green River the way they are functioning at FMC Aberdeen?

I found that Aberdeen and Green River had a lot of things that were different from each other. Aberdeen has only one customer, has only employed 100 people, has just a single product, just started up five years ago, it industry is defense, and is has no union. Where Green River has over 100 customers world wide, has employed 1,150, has

Several product lines, has several plants and started up in 1948, it industry is chemicals, and is union with United Steel Workers of America. (Clawson, 2005)

The management of ability at FMC Aberdeen started out as a highly selective process. Management was very specific about the type of people they wanted working for them. On the other, the Green River locations have been around for a long time, and use their unions to manage ability. The management of ability is a process to correctly match people with jobs they are qualified for. Management does this by selection, placement, and training. (George/Jones, p. 59) At Aberdeen, management looked for people with open minds, and positive attitudes. They felt that technical skills are more easily learned than personal. This was very important to management at Aberdeen because of the way the plant was run. FMC Green River focused on technical skills, because the union leaders took care of all the issues the employees might have, and wished to take up with management. They make use of the employees skill sets by getting their products in and out quickly. They leave the business side to the union leaders and management. I am reluctant to say that what Aberdeen has may never work at Green River, because it would be hard to find so many of the same personalities to fill such a big operation. To think it would be hard to keep a family like atmosphere. Aberdeen is doing exactly what it should to make the best of each of their employee's abilities.

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