Comparing Iliad And Odysseus

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Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are supposed to be the most convenient epic ever written in any literature. Himself being blind, approach of Homer in developing such epic is nothing less than adventurous. This study is going to set the frame of review of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Sophocles Oedipus Rex having been compared with Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus. Iliad is nothing but a notary of love and treachery. Myrsiades is of this view if Paris would not have been licentious in its character in eloping with gorgeous Helen, in no way the novel would have been framed. At the same time, it may not have let the literature to have such warriors like Achilles, Odysseus or Hector. 1.Act of revenge by red haired Menelaus instigated Agamemnon to siege the walls of Troy. On the other hand, division of Gods within the two clashing groups, Apollo, Poseidon on the side of Troy and Athena on Greece (Bagby).…show more content…
1.The play has been written in the classical format as described by Aristotle. Presentation of catharsis in the play is literally significant. 2.Being in the top of the power, Oedipus started misusing his power that landed him down to such a position (Davies). The play essentially projects how own fault leads a human being slide down from the essence of top being reverse to the portrayal of destiny as the sole cause of all the downfall. 3.Although the appearance and application of divinity is gallant in this play, however, it is needed to be stated that presentation of Freudian reality in the play has made Sophocles to become essentially developed (Mahony). Divine curse preached on the mistakes of Oedipus seem to have let his character to be suffering from several problems. Presenting life as a matter of essential vortex fueled the play to have developed

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