Comparing Hinduism And Rastafari

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Hinduism vs. Rastafari There are thousands of different religions in the world, from Hinduism to Christianity to Jainism to Rastafari. Each with there own traditions, Gods, festivals and many other things to make them distinct. Hinduism and Rastafari are two very distinct religions. Hinduism is focused more on their Deities and pleasing the Gods where, as Rastafari does not even have a God. Both have a substantial amount of followers. There are about 1 million Rastafarians in the world and about 828,000,000 in Hinduism (Find the Best). Although Hinduism and Rastafari are different in their origins and Gods, there are similarities in their food laws. The origins are one of the many differences between these two religions. Hinduism has no definite starting point but it is believed to have started 4000 years ago in Modern day India. No information was collected or written down. On the other hand, Rastafari has a clear starting place. The history of Rastafari began in Jamaica during the 1930's after a prophecy by Marcus Garvey (a black political leader). Garvey was the leader of an organization known as the Universal Negro Improvement Association, whose intention was to unify the blacks with their land of origin (BBC World Religions). Garvey preached “Look to Africa where a black king shall be crowned, he shall be your redeemer.” This statement was the foundation of the Rastafari movement. The crowning of Emperor Haile Selassie 1 in Ethiopia followed this prophecy on January 11th 1912. Therefore, the Rastafari know Haile Selassie as the Black Messiah, Jad Rastafari. He is a figure of salvation and it was believed that he would re-unite the Rastafari with their homeland. The first branch of Rastafari was thought to have been establ... ... middle of paper ... ...ri do not drink alcohol because they both do not like the impact that alcohol has had on society. Only the strict followers of both religions adhere to that but that is one of the main reasons. They both also eat a lot of vegetables. Hindu’s make a lot of vegetable curries and Rastafarians eat a lot of steamed vegetables. Hinduism and Rastafari are at opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to knowing about the origins or have Gods but they are some similarities between their food laws. These are two very distinct religions. They each have a solid structure and will continue grow and spread. People will find their food laws agreeable and their origins fascinating. Both Hinduism and Rastafari have a lot to offer the world. All religions have a lot to offer the world. Historians could study religions forever and keep finding new things, or more exciting things.

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