Comparing Harry Potter And Macbeth

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Harry Potter and Macbeth: two stories that have both made an incredible impact on the world. Ever since the books were published, the Harry Potter series has become quite the phenomenon. From selling out in stores worldwide, to making millions of dollars off the movies, the universe is no stranger to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. For Macbeth, the fame is just as strong. While Shakespeare wrote many amazing plays, Macbeth is one that has stood among one of the best. There have been movies, TV shows, books, commercials, art, and so much more that have been influenced by the incredible play. After doing some research and analyzing both the HP series and Macbeth, I discovered that a connection actually exists between the two. More specifically,
In the story of Harry Potter, the prophecy referred to a boy being born at the end of July, who will have the power to defeat Lord Voldemort. After hearing the prophecy, Voldemort immediately began seeking Harry out, and the rest is history. In the classic story of Macbeth, many different prophecies are mentioned throughout the story. One prophecy spoke of Macbeth becoming King, the next saying that Banquo will be the father to future generations of kings, another saying that no man of woman born would be able to kill Macbeth, and so many more. The number of prophecies in Macbeth is enormous so it would take too long to describe each in detail, but overall it’s very clear that prophecies play an eminent role, and the story definitely wouldn’t be the same without
From the prophecies, to their ambition, to their eventual deaths, the two characters share so much in common. JK Rowling has even mentioned using the influence of Macbeth in her famous novels. The real question though, is why use Macbeth as an influence? What’s the point in taking a play written by William Shakespeare and try to make it fit in the modern world? In response, there are so many characteristics of Macbeth that we as people today can still relate to. Sometimes we struggle with containing our ambition, occasionally letting things get out of hand. We may find ourselves greedy with power, and having a difficult time letting that go. There will also be times were someone gives us some pretty big advice (maybe not prophecy big but still big nonetheless), and we ignore them because we think we know what’s best. All in all, using Macbeth as an influence was one of the best things JK Rowling could have ever done. It gave Lord Voldemort a very human quality and gave us insight into his dark but calculated personality. It allowed the reader to try and understand the reasoning behind Voldemort’s decisions and maybe grasp a little more of his emotions. So even though the Harry Potter books and the story of Macbeth isn’t a word for word replication of each other, influence still
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