Comparing Halloween And Christmas

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People dream of the months of pumpkin spice, fall leaves, and scary decorations. When that's all over, they move on to putting their decorations on a tree, hanging twinkly lights, and drinking eggnog. The months of October through December cause people to become enlivened at the thought of what they will do to celebrate the holidays that are in them. Halloween and Christmas are two holidays in the last few months of the year that so many people look forward to. Halloween is the fear-based holiday involving frightful decor, receiving candy from strangers, and dressing in costume while throwing a party. Christmas is celebrated by filling houses with all things red and green, gifting presents topped with bows, having a family dinner, and throwing…show more content…
Halloween is a holiday that provokes everyone to want to scare the living daylights out of people of all ages. Individuals first attempt to scare others around Halloween time with the decor style in which they decorate with. For Halloween, people get down all kinds of gory knickknacks from the attic and are proud to turn their front yard into a cemetery. Walking into the houses of folks that go all out during Halloween time makes visitors want to turn right back around. Whereas, during the Christmas season, everyone wants to feel safe and happy. Families hang warm toned twinkly lights on a tree, hang stockings on the mantle, and set out figurines of reindeer and Santa. With that being said, no one would imagine both Halloween and Christmas as being scary holidays; however, Christmas can be turned frightening with one word: Santa. Children are made to believe that a large, bearded man will sneak down their chimney and deliver gifts to them while they should be sleeping. And he knows if they're sleeping and has been watching them to see if they've been naughty or nice. Santa really is the typical monster that horror movies are plotted…show more content…
On Halloween night, children walk through neighborhoods seeking candy from strangers. While on Christmas Day, children open presents from people who love them and conclude the day with eating a massive dinner made by their families. Conversely, the tie between these holidays that makes them similar is the idea of celebrating by being gifted something by either family or strangers. Also, both holidays are similar by the unhealthy food consumed during their time of celebration. Halloween welcomes cavities from all the candy received and only weeks later, there is the typical family dinner to celebrate Christmas filled with fattening comfort food. Halloween and Christmas are holidays in which no one seems to care to be bothered with the thought of weight
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