Comparing Filippo Brunelleschi And The Renaissance Era

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It is often that people consider Filippo Brunelleschi as the most established and influential Architect during the Renaissance era. For others, making a simple mistake of giving him credit for the design and build of the entire Florence cathedral instead of the dome itself. It’s certain that Brunelleschi complete the great dome, but what if the dome was unsuccessful and the classical information was lost. Brunelleschi in this situation couldn’t solve the problem without the research on classical Rome architecture to help him out, for example, harmonious form, mathematical proportion, and unit of measurement based on the human scale. For instance, if all the elements of the ancient information were lost forever, and to never see again. Just picture the Santa Maria De Fiore without a dome structure. The greatest accomplishments in engineering history and form to never exist. This drawing is a drawing is a depiction of that reality being presented. The unfortunate part about this, it was true for Florence to experience a dome-less cathedral in any type of weather before the contest for a commission that Brunelleschi won. During the time, many centuries ago Florence, Italy was a city of visionaries like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo flourished here in an atmosphere that celebrated imagination and innovation. Florence was very big on outshining the competition with visible landmark. The decision on picking the cathedral was simple because of the embarrassment of a big whole open in the structure that couldn’t be done.
A place of great visionaries for six hundred years and creativity, evolution that was celebrated to come to a landmark becoming an eyesore that almost demolish their imagination and innovation. The drawing is the v...

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...e on paper and the same motion with the vertical line on top and repeat the process to get a shade value. Shading come from chiaroscuro a technique popularized during the renaissance, referring to the use of exaggerated light contrasts in order to create the illusion of volume. Meanwhile, after shading the drawing then spray the canvas with workable fixative to protects pencil and prevent from smudging and wrinkling. It allows the drawing to be rework to get darker. It’s not safe for kids; let it dry for ten minutes, and draw on top of the canvas spray with the fixative again. Last technique to use is matte medium as a final fixative to increases transparency and a gloss finish. The process is portraying diversity with different moments, whether it’s a movement, history or current events with the range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meaning.

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