Comparing Female Characters In Mrs. Dalloway, By Virginia Woolf

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The novel Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf talks about a day of the main character named Clarissa Dalloway and the story about other people around her. One thing that I find significantly about the novel is there are two different stories about two people, a comparison of the female character Clarissa Dalloway versus Septimus Warren Smith, a shell-shocked solider that has mentally issues. Virginal Woof has successfully created a contrast between these two characters and moreover, Woolf has used several imageries and also symbolisms in the novel in order to help amplify the contrasts. Not only the contrast is being shown but also the similarities. Mrs. Dalloway takes place in London during 1923s, as the main character of the story, Clarissa Dalloway who is a fifty years old woman. The story is of one day is her life as the beginning of the story she is preparing for her big party that will happens in the evening. As she goes around Westminster, she heads up o a flower shop to get some flowers for the party. After that, she goes back home and suddenly her old friend shows up, Peter Walsh. He is one of her old friend who has feeling for her. Clarissa knows that Peter…show more content…
He lives in his own world where his best friend is still alive. He has a fear of the world being lack of honesty and kindness. Clarissa represents speaking the truth and for Septimus, he is speaking the truth also but in a different way and perspective. The difference between them is that Clarissa is a normal person and Septimus has mental illness. As one line of the story describes her thought “she had a perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, out, far out to sea and alone,” (Woolf 1573). It means that her thoughts are still related to the reality and that she has acknowledged about her life. She may have some weird thought flying over her head but she still being able to take control of herself and living in
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