Comparing Early American Colonies

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The beginning of the Americas

America was a place for dreams, a new beginning, religious freedom and rights.

For the people of Europe the Americas was a place to prosper, worship in there own way, and expand there kingdoms. The only problem is that they attempted to settle in their own way and all failed dismally. The New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern Colonies grew differently in various ways, but each with the same state of mind, “do it our way”. Examining the three sets of colonies will prove that they were all different in religion, government, and ways of expansion.

New England was started for the search of religious freedom from persecution. England’s government required a strict attendance to the Anglican church. If a person were to refuse, holding separate services, they could be imprisoned and or fined! If the people didn’t take oath of supremacy to the king, they could be jailed for life. Since Charles I was head of the Anglican church what he said went; Charles removed all puritans ministers from his their pulpits. The puritans got fed up with all this persecution and as there ministers left to the new world they followed.

One of the New England colonies was Rhode Island. After Roger Williams, a minister, challenged the Massachusetts policy time after time he was eventually banned from this land. In 1636 he purchased land in Narragansett bay and establishes providences. He created this society based on religious tolerance, separating state from church. After four more settlements were established Roger went to England, they got a charter, and established Rhode Island. His government was based on the principle of freedom of worship.

Connecticut u can say was an unexpected colony. It started off just as a tra...

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... 100 acres of land to each adventurer. He also distributed 50 acres to each person who paid his or her own way and 50 acres more for each additional person they brought along. This was known as the Virginia “headright” system. They decide to start growing tobacco a huge cash crop, but cant because the lake of labors. The Indians which seemed to have quieted down rows up and massacres huge number people, thus ending the company and the charter being revoked.

There are clearly many similarities and differences in overall religious, economical, and governmental origins in American colonies. Many colonies were founded for exclusive religious freedom However, many came to be motivated in by economy and profit. Also, the American colonies evolved from non-representative and elitist governments into a more democratic system, which is closer to the pure democracy of today.
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