Comparing Conservatism and Socialism

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The two ideological principles that I will be discussing in this essay are Conservatism and the Socialist principle. Based on the books I have chosen, the views of each of these authors, their explanation towards society and how these principles modify and disrupt our economic system, the way we live and the choices we make. In their case study; Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” bases his ideas and views towards the dysfunction of the system with a Conservative view and G.A. Cohen’s book “Why not Socialism?” giving a better way of organization for our system and harmony for society.

Mark Levin centers his research and ideas based on the influence of philosophers, among these, Adam Smith and John Locke to name a few. The Conservative idea is based on the right of human beings, the right to live freely, and God’s given natural rights. Levin explains what modern liberals want and their purpose in government, he calls these liberals “Statists” as to not confuse the term “Liberal”; a term that has been used in different ways throughout the years. He explains how these “Statists” worship government and desire to expand its power for their own benefit, not for the society as a whole. Levin explains how these modern liberals use the power of the state to force change, resulting in a soft tyranny.

On the other hand, G. A. Cohen gives us an example on how society as a whole should be equal, help one another, share of production, and how a class-dividing society disrupts human potential, he bases his studies on the idea of Socialism and explains all his theories with a camping trip where everybody should be able to contribute and cooperate for the well-being of the group and efficacy of the society. He explains that this example should b...

... middle of paper ... facing an economic crisis due to the over expending. We are paying taxes and social security knowing that these large quantities of money are being used for other people, and in the long run, we won’t be benefiting from this, even though it is coming out of our own paychecks. But at the same time, Levin, as other conservatives out there, that believe something should be done to change in a “liberal” way our system. Meaning without a sense of tyranny and absolute control of the government, instead of blaming it on previous presidents, candidates, governors, etc. should stand up and come up with solutions for the better of our society, uniting our ideas and arguments for the well being of the whole society, unifying the good aspects of each other’s views and opinions, leaving aside differences between different ideological frameworks for the community as a whole.

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