Comparing Christianity And Christianity

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Religion - Option 1
Comparing Religions
Each religion has many different ways that worship, some may be public and some may be private. I have chosen to investigate the different forms of worship from Christianity and although both religions have similarities both of them are unique in their own way.

A public form of Christian worship is a “Baptism”. A baptism is a rite that a young Christian would go through. In a baptism the child would be totally submerged under the water to try and cleans the soul. Another form of baptism includes pouring water three times on the forehead. Some Christians believe that a baptism is necessary for salvation. Salvation to Christians is that on the day they die their soul will be saved from the eternal fires of hell and it they will spend eternity in heaven with their lord. Another meaning of the word "baptism" has been used to refer to any ceremony, trial, or experience.
Christian prays for a many reasons and for different purposes one reason they pray is because they are doing a form of serving God and obeying Him. Another reason to w...
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