Comparing Buddhism And Hinduism's Views Of Hinduism And Buddhism

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Hinduism And Buddhism
Hinduism and Buddhism both try to offer a theory of why people would suffer from temptation, drudgery and pain, and how to attain enlightenment and self-awakening in order to obtain freedom from the tempting and arduous world. Hinduism believes that all beings and existence of the universe are one, but Buddhism thinks that no body has self. Buddhism produced more workable and fairer views in terms of metaphysics and institutional requirements for individuals than Hinduism.
The fundamental core of Hindu metaphysics is that Atman is Brahman. Atman refers to the conscious core of one’s being, as well as other sentient beings, and it is eternal, pure spirit (Bresnan, p.54). Brahman is “the ultimate inner essence of all things
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Both Hinduism and Buddhism are concerning the suffering of individuals and try to signal a path to self-awakening for people. Both Hinduism and Buddhism believe in reincarnation, which is a natural part of the world. The final objectives, either moksha or Nirvana, are similar to each other, that is being perfectly peaceful, understanding all things, and being liberated from the chain of reincarnations. In Hinduism, common people and individuals who are born into low-rank castes would find and achieve moksha much harder than upper-castes, such as Brahimin, simply because of their base hierarchy. However, Buddhism rejects the caste system and the privileges of the Brahmin priests. “There is no such thing as an institutional hierarchy to make final decisions about the truth, and each person must make such decisions for himself or herself” (Bresnan, p.185). The universal path to awakening, according to Buddhism, does not discriminate one depending one’s inherent caste, so the path distinguishes individuals from their strict morality and disciplined orientation. At this point, Buddhism has greater potential for success in terms of ameliorating the suffering of each individual and society as a whole
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