Comparing Buddhism And Christianity

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The rise of two of the world’s most popular religions today, Buddhism and Christianity, began in an age of massive change under massive empires. Each respective religion dominated a certain region of the classical world, Buddhism being east Asia and Christianity being the middle east to western Europe. Although many factors contributed to the rise and popularity of these religions, it is easier and more practical to narrow it down to a few major factors. First, both religions appealed to the masses, particularly the poor, which made up most of the population at the time. Second, each religion was supported by the state or emperor at one point in their early stages. Third, the massive trade networks, empires, and roads allowed for missionary…show more content…
While the upper classes enjoyed their castes and wealth, Buddhism recognized the struggle of lower classes (dukkha) and pursuit of materialism (tanha). In the end, the lower classes could hope for release from the suffering (nirvana). Mahayana Buddhism especially appealed to the masses, as it was easier to understand (upaya) and arose during a time of rising literacy, where the masses could increasingly read his teachings. The Parable of the Burning House is a prime example of this, where the complex concept of religion and salvation could be simplified for lower, uneducated classes. Overall, rather than envisioning living life after life suffering at the bottom of the caste system, lower classes had hope of…show more content…
The routes traveled included the Silk Road, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Black Sea, and roads built and maintained on land. Obviously, the carefully built and policed roads were perfect for missionaries to travel across, but merchants also carried their religion with them as they traveled. Famous missionaries included Paul and Gregory for Christianity, Buddha for buddhism, and many ascetics for buddhism as well. Monasteries along the roads served as rest stops and centers, which consequently spread Buddhism to

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