Comparing Beowulf And John Snow

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Beowulf is one of the oldest heroic poems that exists to this day. Likewise, it has been a theory for many that this poem has inspired authors and screenwriters alike in the creation process of fictional heroes for shows, movies, games, and books. Nonetheless, Beowulf’s trait of a modern-day superhero are shown everywhere. For example, Beowulf is brave, even willing to die for the greater good, he is abnormally stronger than most humans which in a way makes him superior, and he is somewhat of an natural leader that everyone seems to admire. When comparing this character to other fictional characters there is one that particular fits these same characteristics, and that person is Jon Snow. He plays cast in the popular television show, Game of Thrones. Jon Snow shares all the characteristics of Beowulf, such as self-sacrificing for the common good, being abnormally strong, and having natural leadership skills.…show more content…
Jon Snow is the son of Eddard Stark and half-brother to 4 other siblings. It is unknown as to who his mother is. In this type of era, Jon Snow does not get the stark name because of he is not full-blood. Therefore, this already puts a disadvantage to him and makes him sort of a contemporary hero as no one really expects him to do much with his life. Nor do any of the Stark loyal initially trust him. Eventually, he travels to the Wall to join the Nights Watch. However, it surprises everyone as he is able to rise up the ranks fairly quickly to become the leader, also known as the Lord Commander. For the short length of this position before Jon Snow is betrayed he does a lot of controversial but overall good tasks such as letting the Wildings through the gates in order to protect them from the
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