Comparing Atkins Diet and Weight Watchers

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Comparing Atkins Diet and Weight Watchers Atkins and Weight Watchers are two diets that promise weight loss. The weight will drop off if you follow their eating plan, according to each diet. One is low-carbohydrate; the other is low-calorie. They differ in the foods allowed and ultimately the amount of saturated fats consumed. They each have advantages and disadvantages, of which the dieter has to decide which is best for them. The Atkins diet has some advantages and disadvantages. This diet works on the theory that weight gain is caused not by fat intake or food portions, but the way our bodies break down carbohydrates ( Carbohydrates will turn to fat if not burned by the body. If your body does not get enough carbohydrates, it will use stored fat. Atkins dieters are told not to eat carbohydrates in order to burn their stored fat, causing weight loss. Dieters will notice in the first weeks of this low-carb plan that their weight comes off rapidly. Much of this weight is water. In these first weeks,...

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