Compare the works of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas

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Compare the works of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas showing whether

or not their poems differ in themes and style

The poems of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas are written on the same

themes, people, and the landscape but in different styles. William

Wordsworth is a romantic poet that writes about the splendour of the

world in a positive way while R S Thomas writes about the hardship of

the world and attacks modern life and technology. I will compare 'The

Solitary Reaper' by William Wordsworth with R L Thomas' 'Tramp' as

well as Wordsworth's 'On Westminster Bridge' with 'Cynddylan on a

Tractor' by Thomas.

'The Solitary Reaper' is a 32 line, three-stanza poem about a lonely

woman in the Scottish mountains. The style in which this poem has a

slow and quiet rhythm reading style. He portrays this by describing

the actions of what the narrator, in the first person, did.

"I listened, motionless and still;"

William Wordsworth also uses similes to create imagery of a woman

singing and working on the Scottish Hebrides. He compares the woman

voice to a Cuckoo bird:

"A voice so thrilling ne'er was heard in spring-time from the


Here, Wordsworth writes about the high quality as well as the pitch of

the woman's vocal singing to the delightful sound of the spring season

Cuckoo bird and so thinks highly of her singing ability. This poem is

written in a very positive and written with a lot of imagery.

Wordsworth is clearly in awe of this lonely woman who does her job

quietly but is still noticed by the poet. This poem is for people who

like to read at a slow pace and like descriptive words that create a

lot of imagery.

This poem, compared with 'Tramp' by R S Thomas, is very different in

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From examining the four poems, I observed that Wordsworth wrote poems

in a slower rhythm because of the many descriptive words than Thomas'

shorter and quick pacing poems that are more to the point. These

styles perhaps show that Wordsworth's poems are overall, for adults

and Thomas' poems are more targeted to young people who have a wider

imagination and philosophise about the countryside and modern life.

I can also conclude that Wordsworth wrote poems that are from the

positive side and false, to some extent, as he only describes the

positives. His poems are so written in a 'happier' mood than Thomas'

which are more realistic but also are biased to the negative side.

Thomas' poems are generally darker, criticise on the urbanisation in

the world, and show how the countryside has been forgotten as well as

people of low class shown in the 'Tramp.'

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