Compare Utopia And The Giver

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in a world in which everyone is governed? A world where there are rules for everything and penalties for breaking those rules? Where there is no pain, love nor hate, no color and everyone is equal? Would you want to live in such a society or would you prefer to be given the chance to choose living in a world where all the bad is present with all the good? In her novel, the Giver, Lois Lowry explores a world where there is mainly an illusion of all that is good, overshadowing that which is bad, giving readers an insight into what life is like in a Utopian society, in contrast to life in a Dystopian society. The society in which ‘The Giver’ is set appears to be a Utopia, the perfect world, as…show more content…
Time for the citizens to face the reality of the past. Together, they concoct a plan which involves Jonas’s escape to Elsewhere, so that the memories from the past can be restored to the community. Jonas asks that the Giver leaves with him, but the Giver tells him that He has to remain in the community to help the people to cope with the memories when they are restored. He also shares that he would like to be with his daughter, Rosemary, the girl who had been selected to be the Receiver, ten years ago, but had asked to be released when the memories of loneliness and pain had inundated her. Jonas decides he has to leave with Gabriel, a baby who had been staying in his family dwelling. Gabriel is scheduled to be released the following day as he is underdeveloped for his age. He has the same pale eyes as Jonas and the two have grown attached to each other. The Giver will make it appear as if Jonas had drowned in the river so ample time will not be spent searching for him and he will be forgotten quickly. Jonas, who had stolen his father’s bicycle, sets out at dusk, with Gabriel, on his quest to find Elsewhere. The Giver gives Jonas strength and courage to sustain, as well as food supplies and
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