Compare The Nursing Process And Critical Thinking

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What significant role does nursing process play in health care system? The nursing process provides individuals with quality and professional nursing care. However, it guides nursing activities for disease prevention, health protection, and health promotion ( The nursing process is also utilized by nurses in distinct specialty and setting because it provides the foundation for critical thinking. Nursing was acknowledged for the first time as a process. The first reference to nursing as a “process” was in a 1955 journal article by Lydia Hall, yet the term nursing process was not widely used until the late 1960s (Edelman &Mandle, 2002). The term nursing process was a series of steps including evaluation, planning, and assessment.…show more content…
Many people think critical thinking is a step by step process but it’s not. What exactly is critical thinking? Critical thinking is not a linear step by step process but it is a process acquired through hard work, commitment, and an active curiosity toward learning. For example, Critical thinking is a decision making is the skill that separates the professional nurse from technical or ancillary staff. The Nursing Process is a systematic approach that is used by all nurses to gather data, critically examine and analyze the data, identify client responses, design outcomes, take appropriate action, then evaluate the effectiveness of action with the use critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a Cognitive process during which an individual reviews data and considers potential explanations and outcomes before forming an opinion or making a decision “Critical thinking in nursing practice is a discipline specific, reflective reasoning process that guides the nurse in generating, implementing, and evaluating approaches for dealing with client care and professional concerns.” ( )…show more content…
The Nurse will also assist JN in labeling her feelings, anger, fear, loneliness, guilt, isolation. The nurse will explore previous losses and the ways in which the client has coped, and encourage review of her relationship with her dead husband. Nurse will reinforce expressions of behaviors associated with normal grieving. Nurse will encourage participation in usual spiritual practices. The Nurse will provide measures that assist in bowel evacuation, offer foods that stimulate bowel movements. The nurse should administer a mild laxative and or stool softener, if necessary, but discontinue as soon as possible. EVALUATION After 4 weeks at the Clinic JN states, “I don’t feel any better, but I know I have to accept my situation. “Although JN states that she doesn’t feel better, she is walking the length of the hall, sleeping better, and having regular bowel movements. JN is also less withdrawn and has openly discussed her feelings related to her husband’s death, including her anger at the loss of her husband. She has attended chapel services on Sunday for the past 2 weeks. Her daughter visits her each

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