Compare The Differences Of Islam And Islam

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The woman muslims wear hijabs(a head scarf) for day to day attire. They usually wear clothes that cover themselves from head to toe, excluding their hands and face. The hijabs are to protect their customs and the beliefs. A woman should only show her hair to her immediate family, because they deserve the beauty not anyone else. There is also a thing called the niqab which covers everything and sometimes has a gap for their eyes, (Huda, par. 3). The men wear prayer caps, because Muhmmad use to keep his head covered so they followed him.
Muslims believe in one God. In the Arabic language “Allah” means God, so Muslims refer to God as “Allah.” Muslims believe that Jesus was the messenger of Allah. The Muslims also believe he was sent down here with another book, and to guide the people of Israel. Another belief is that God sent down Jesus as another prophet. Muslims believe that he is an actual human being like everyone else, with the same temptations. Also they think that he did not die on a cross, or sacrifice himself for our sins. They don’t know why Allah would allow for one of his prophets to experience a death like that, nor do they belief Allah would send
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They are similar, by being both monotheistic, believing in the creator, immaculate conception, afterlife, judgement day, and the return. The differences are the history, the background, practice, how the view God and Jesus, and some beliefs. Islam and Christianity are only two out of the 4,200 religions. With being two of the most popular religions. The differences are what set the two religions apart from each other into their own religions. Christianity 's population is 2.18 billion, while Islam’s population is 1.6 billion . What you believe in is your choice, and you shouldn’t be so quick to judge other people’s beliefs. If you 're a Christian or a Muslim you do share some similarities in beliefs
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