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Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and So Long a Letter by Mariama Ba both have a variety of dynamic characters. Both novels present one dominant female character to readers, and they each share a multitude of similarities and differences. However, both characters serves as proof that good Mothers are selfless and deserve recognition. In Lorraine Hansberry 's Raisin in the Sun, the character Lena Younger is introduced. Lena is a widow and a mother of two. When her husband died, she decided it would be best to put his life insurance money toward a down payment on a house in a better community. Throughout the novel, it is easy to see her nurturing and down to earth personality. For example, in a conversation with her daughter Beneatha she states, “Yes I taught you that. Me and your daddy. But I thought I taught you something else too… I thought I taught you to love him” (3.1.111). Despite the loss of the father of her children, her husband Lena 's patenting never stops, she continues to enforce love and kindness in her household. She strives to teach her values and morals to her children while also allowing them to be individuals. In…show more content…
Both women value their children before anything, they strive to nurture them and make them well-rounded good people. In addition, both women lack a father figure for their children during the duration of the novels. However, they both provide discipline to the household. For example, Lena lectured Walter for giving Willy some of the insurance money. In addition, Rama reprimanded her three kids when she caught them smoking cigarettes. Although both women had a multitude of different lessons to teach their kids they both relentlessly worked toward passing down morals and values that would carry their kids through life. Being a good mother is universal and no place or time can alter

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