Compare Paradise Lost And The Bible

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In the Book One of the novel we find that there is an arch-angel who is displeased with the hierarchy of Heaven. He views God as a tyrant running a dictatorship. So, he makes up his mind that he is going to overthrow God. To do this, he rallies up a group of angels and a war breaks out. His plan backfires and he and his followers get banished to Pandemonium. Thus, Satan is born. Together Satan and his right-hand Beezlebub plan another attack. However, after facing God’s wrath they realize that he is too strong to attack directly. In Book Two, after numerous conversations between the devils, it is clear that nothing means more to them than their freedom. Satan decides that they should go after God’s most prized creation, humanity. Satan’s…show more content…
He says that Milton’s epic allows Satan to have freedom of speech. It is somewhat surprising that the actual Bible is very one-sided. In my personal opinion, I feel that Paradise Lost is more fair and just than the Bible itself. The Bible is also hard to understand. I feel that this is the reason why many people can read it and interpret it many different ways, because there is no clear-cut way to read the bible. Milton’s work simplifies the Book of Genesis, makes things transparent and allows for what I feel as a more realistic telling of what actually happened. This source is basically another viewpoint or provides more insight into John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Written by Greg Bauder, it talks about how Satan’s fall from grace or evil itself is all a part of God’s plan. It also talks about how God and Satan both have their good and bad qualities. For instance, he mentions one particular scene that involves God pretty much mocking Satan. Another thing that Greg Bauder mentions, is that God’s love is conditional. He also feels that Paradise Lost is better than the Bible because, it gives Satan an opportunity to share his side of the story and get inside of his
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