Compare Napoleon And Hitler

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Katherine Reisen Western Civilizations 3-11-14 Napoleon vs. Hitler Throughout history there have been numerous leaders and dictators. Each one leading their country in what they think is the best way. Some went on and were great leaders others were not such great leaders. However two people that I believe were very good leaders were Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. While Napoleon led his people into terrible revolution and ended up exiled to Saint Helena to live out the duration of his life. He was a brilliant war captain that was very well respected among the military community. Hitler is known as one the worst people that ever lived. He purposely went out and tried to exterminate an entire race, and anyone who wasn’t perfect. However if you think about it Hitler was a genius. He commanded an entire German army and got them to carry out his every demand. In many ways Hitler and Napoleon were very similar, but they were also very different. Napoleon lived from the years 1769 to 1821. He became commander of the French Army in Italy in 1796 (pg. 589). He then made Austria make peace with Italy. From then he was completely in charge of the French Army as well as being the Emperor of France which gave him even more power. He led his men through great victories, all the while conquering much of Europe ( In 1812 he decided that he wanted to take over Russia. He led his men into the harsh Russian terrain, thinking that they could easily and quickly take down the Russian Army. However he was very wrong. The Russians didn’t engage in any type of battle. Instead they went ahead and made sure that the French could no access any food or shelter, knowi... ... middle of paper ... ... to respect and obey what they wanted. They both led their countries in their own way and expand the territory of their countries. Both Napoleon and Hitler did this through military and political power. They won the hearts and trust of their countries, but they had ulterior motives. They both wanted to expand their countries all while trying to take total control over the world while doing it. Hitler wanted to create a perfect race and in order to do that he had to completely wipe out anyone who he didn’t think was perfect. Napoleon on the other hand didn’t want to eliminate any one race, he just wanted to take over all of Europe and eventually all of the world. Both of these leaders knew what they wanted to accomplish and they knew how go about doing it. I believe that both of these men could arguably be some of the most intelligent military minds that ever lived.
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