Compare My Fathers Song And Stop All The Clocks, Cut Off The Telephone

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Both “My Fathers Song” and “[Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone]” deal with the death of a loved one, however each carry a different tone and themes on how the speaker copes with loss. Through the use of imagery and figurative language the poems create their own way to express their loss. The themes in the poems are different in dealing with death and both show the process of loss at different points. “My Fathers Song” seems to take place a good time after the death and the speaker is reminded poignantly that he misses his father. The “[Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone]” speaker is more frustrated and seems to take place at a closer point of the death. Such contrast in expression of dealing with death shows how it brings up different emotions. “My Fathers Song” by Simon J. Ortiz is about a son reminiscing about his memories of his father. There is significance on the pause caused by the imagery described. His memory of his father starts by describing his voice: “…the slight catch, the depth form his thin chest, the tremble of emotion” (Ortiz 3-5).…show more content…
The speaker remembers the small special things about him, like what he describes about his voice. Even though the poem is titled on focusing on the song the actual focus of the poem is on the man himself. What his father has left for him in memories that is held dear to the speaker. What the speaker shows this on how he provides a concise description of what he is reminiscing. As a result it gives the poem a tone of admiration on the man that passed away. The whole the poem carries a melancholic and sentimental tone on what his father has taught him with the time spent together. How he speaks of the memory shows the importance of the particular

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