Compare And Summary: Five Major Aspects Of Poor Followers

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Example of poor followers can be found in many places. For example, the game of follow the leader, where children place their hands on the person in front of them and follow them. Being an effective follower mean that you cannot follow someone blindly. Many studies have shown that in fact there are five major features that make up effective followers, which are, self-leadership, commitment to the organization, self-improvement, role awareness, and honest critical thinking. Hopefully after these are explained a better follower will suggest itself.
Self-leadership is described as discipline and dependability. It is the most important or essential quality of an effective follower. Followers who display this value are able to take individual
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Followers who are devoted to a purpose or set of values greater than themselves are likely to be both trustworthy and ready to make sacrifices. It is normal to see loyal followers going beyond the customary expectations by spending more time at work or offering more creative solution to leadership and the organization. A test organizational commitment might occur if the follower was asked to help out a fellow salesperson their significant sales pitch. Even though the salesperson knows they are actively competing with them for the upcoming vacancy in the department, they still do their best, putting the companies’ mission before their own…show more content…
Individuals who do not have effective situational awareness will often annoy or offend others in the organization. The best followers know when to follow and to lead depending on what is need for the mission to succeed. For example, it is normal at HEB for a store manager to work on a register when they are undermanned. The store manager is the lead of the entire store including the supervisor of the registers, but the manager will act as loyal follower, work hard, and bring any concerns they have up privately at the end of the shift. Even though the store manager was the lead or outranked everyone they will not obstruct their development or weaken the authority of the registrar
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