Compare And Differences Of The Mesopotamia And The Nile River Valley

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Throughout world history one learns about many different civilizations. In this case we will be talking about two civilizations. Comparing and contrasting these two civilizations will go into more depth and expand ones knowledge, such as, the Mesopotamia and The Nile River Valley.
These two civilizations have many differences, but they also have some similarities. For example, The Mesopotamia was one of the first civilizations discovered along the Fertile Crescent. As well as the Mesopotamia was one of the first civilizations to be discovered, so was The Nile River Valley.
The Mesopotamia was in between to very important rivers, which were the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Being between two rivers had some advantages, as well as disadvantages. Some of the advantages meant that they could produce enough food to support the people that lived around that area. Some of the disadvantages were that they had some flood problems. Sometimes the rivers would over flow, which caused floods that destroyed crops and villages. Considering that their main source for anything was agriculture, floods really brought chaos. After some time the Mesopotamian people learned different ways
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They would also have horrible crops that would destroy crops and valuable items. The Nile River was divided into three kingdoms; the old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. Since the Nile River Valley civilization was along the Nile River, they knew how to take advantage of the good soil. The good soil helped this civilization grow good crops, the kind of crop they would grow consisted of wheat and flax. They used flax to make clothes for their people. In the old kingdom the person with the most power were pharos. These people believed that their pharos were gods, therefore, they praised them. Although, the pharos were the main rulers, they kept a vizier to help them keep track of the business of
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