Compare And Contrast World War 1 And Ww2

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Which World War was Greater? World War One and World War Two were both two major wars that significantly changed how the world is today. World War One began to modernize how militaries fought wars; however, World War Two changed the world completely, especially in America. World War Two gave way to civil rights movements, women independence, and increased weapon power. The war allowed African Americans to fight on the fronts alongside the white troops overseas, which sparked the Civil Rights Movement when they returned home to segregation. The women stepped up for the absent males overseas and emerged themselves into the factories to help make supplies and weapons for the war. The new weapons used on the front lines were improved from previous…show more content…
The first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, said: "The nation cannot expect the colored people to feel that the U.S. is worth defending if they continue to be treated as they are treated now” (“Turning”). This was important because the African Americans were being deprived of their civil rights, yet they still supported The United States during the war. With the draft, many blacks were able to enlist and bring themselves out of poverty. The draft amplified the amount of African Americans present in the military, and with the war worsening the segregation of the troops began to diminish. The desegregation occurred due to the difficulty to keep the troops separated when they were both being destroyed. While the desegregation of the troops was good for the start of the civil rights movement, once these African Americans returned home from war they came back to segregation. This caused an uproar because the men and woman were given more rights fighting for their country abroad, but once they returned from war they came back to…show more content…
While the aircraft was used in WWI, it did not become a major part of fighting until WWII. This weapon created another level of fighting in the air that included bombers, fighters, radar, and the ability to assess the enemy from above. The bomb raids were alternatives to static trench warfare and aircraft weaponry allowed the troops to attack the enemy from above which was the upper hand in fighting battles. The increased amount of bombing increased the need to improve the radar technology. The radar that was previously being used was inaccurate and not very useful; but with the improvements, the military was able to see enemy ships or submarines and fight back. One of the biggest elements that made World War Two more significant than World War One was the use of Nuclear Warfare. The United States dropped the world 's first deployed atomic bomb over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and the another bomb over Nagasaki three days later. The Japanese quickly surrendered from the war and thus led to the end of World War Two. America dropping the atomic bomb showed the world how big of a threat the United States is, especially to Russia which was another big nation at the time. The atomic bomb created terror and panic in everyone’s eyes with the fear of mass

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