Compare And Contrast Uncles And Aunts

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I was still in elementary school when they both passed away. So I was still young and didn’t really understand what was going on, I was only 8 and 10 when they both passed. So it was around two years in between the two. Looking back to it I couldn’t believe what my dad and my uncles and aunt had to go through losing both of their parents in such a sort period of time. I could tell a difference with my dad for a good while. He was the youngest and he helped a lot with my grandfather’s farms up until they both died, so that the is reason why it hurt him the most out of all the kids. My grandmother was sick for couple of years before she pasted, my dad told me he knew she was going downhill and didn’t have much time left. She was on a lot of…show more content…
It was two days after Father’s Day when he passes and we got him a new dog, because his old dog just died. So when he passes we ended up getting the puppy back and we still have it to this day, but when he past he was on his way to my house (we were putting wood flooring in one part of the house and he wanted to come over and help) next day came around we were waiting for him to come, he said he would be over in the morning, but he never did, so my dad called my uncle because he lives the closes to him. He went up to the house to check on him. Then he went into the house and he couldn’t find him, then he went back outside and saw something in his truck so he walks over and he seen him sitting in the seat and he wouldn’t answer or anything so my uncle called 911. They came and took him to the hospital and he called my dad and his other brother and sister. My parents left my sister and I at my…show more content…
I think the hardest time was when the funeral came. It was hard see all of your family member crying all the time, and not being able to talk to him and to tell him good bye for the last time. I also had a baseball tournament the same day as the funeral for a travelling team. It was a hard decision to stay or go play my dad said I could do either one that if I wanted to go play he would take me. After thinking I decided to stay and go to the next tournament and my dad was okay with that. I think the hardest part about after their death is how it split up my family. I’ve never talked or saw two of my uncle sense, and haven’t seen a lot of my cousins either. The main reason is because my grandfather left a lot of his money and business and farms up to my dad to split up or keep and they didn’t like that, but over the years now my family has gotten closer and closer and I hope sometime in the future we all can get back together as one family again. I miss my grandparents every day and I think about them every
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