Compare And Contrast Two Twins

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“Which one of you is Mary-Kate and who is Ashley Olsen?” This is most common question asked to my twin brother and I, seeing as we too are “Olson twins.” Our responses have varied over the years, when we were younger we would often respond with an awkward laugh or a look of confusion. As the years progressed, we now are better prepared for this question- often firing back with a smart comment or actually assigning ourselves to one of the Olsen twins. After all, we both have realized that it’s not that bad to be compared considering they have built their own successful empire after leaving their childhood stardom. If we aren’t being asked about which Olsen twin we identify as, we are usually asked if we have any exclusive “twin powers” as if…show more content…
When we were younger it was the always present playmate and as we grew older it has become the person who you can rope into coming on new adventures with you. Although, we like to spend time together, we still make it known that we are two different individuals, despite looking similar. We have always had our own interests and our personalities are quite different. When we were in elementary school, we would often have classes together. Having classes together taught us early on that we needed to be strong and independent individuals which looking back I would say we accomplished this well. There was one particular class, that comes to mind that truly confirms that we were successful in representing ourselves as individuals. In our third grade class, there happened to be another student with the same last name in our class, but there was no relation. He and my brother had become good friends, so they were often seen together at recess and in the classroom setting. When school conferences came around that year, the teacher began talking to my mother about her two twin boys because the teacher thought that they were the…show more content…
Despite representing ourselves in that manner, we still enjoy spending time together and we have had many comical stories of our adventures together that are unique to us. One of our adventures that comes to mind is when we were both learning how to drive and how we relentlessly joked about it being “double the trouble” for my parents. We had done all of the drivers training courses and observations together, which was beneficial because you always had a brutally honest opinion waiting for each other. When we finally collected all of our hours and when we were ready to take the road test, we of course were planning on taking it together. The only trouble was, is that we would obviously have to take turns for the sake of taking the test. Just as we resolved similar problems for many years before, we maturely resolved this problem with a heated round of rock paper scissors. I ended up being the victor, and I took my road test first. I completed my test without any problems and I received my certificate to get my license. After, completing my test and paper work, it was my brothers turn. He eagerly got into the car and completed the parking segment without a flaw. He began to pull out of the lot with the instructor just as I did before. I stood there waiting and expecting that the car was going to pull

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